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March 2004

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Edgar Cayce

IT IS CLEAR THAT WE'RE LIVING IN A TIME OF ENORMOUS CHANGES and transformations. Many of the things that we have in the past taken for granted as being "fixed" for our lifetimes are gone. With rapid technological changes, less of what we have around us can we count on to be useful to us for very long. It seems that our "word" and the "word" of others means less in these times than it did just a few years ago. More and more we're being called on to find our own way through an increasingly complex world.

One of the great tools of this time is the Human Design system which can guide each individual to recognize the characteristics of their journey through life. Each one of us comes into life with a very succinct, particular and potentially expansive sequence of experiences to live through, and thus an understanding of how one might best recognize and adapt to what Existence plays before us is essential.

There are some people who come into life with the facility of being be able to connect into other realms of either a conscious or unconscious nature. From these other realms it is possible to look into what we experience as our conscious reality on earth in an objective way and this can clarify many of the misunderstandings that beset us in our lives. One such person who was able to tap into many different realms of consciousness was Edgar Cayce. It is said that during the course of 50 years, on a regular basis, he would put himself into a trance and speak out on almost any subject, past, present or future.

In this article we have a look at the Design of Edgar Cayce and attempt to clarify some of the recognizable aspects of his great gifts.

Edgar Cayce was born on March 18, 1887 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He was born into the Incarnation Theme of the "Vessel of Love," with his conscious (black) Sun in Gate 25, the opening to Universal Love, that in the I-Ching is called "Innocence," and in the first line of the 25 hexagram that carries the quality of Selflessness. His conscious Earth was in the Gate 46, relating to Self-determination and in the first line of the 46, called "being discovered;" this "discovery" happens simply by being one's natural self and allowing oneself to be naturally guided in life through one's own authentic physical reality.

In his genetically-inherited (red) Design side, his unconscious Sun was in the Gate 10, the Gate of human behavioral traits of self-love throughout all aspects of life's journey, and in the third line of "the martyr," the person with a tendency to carry the burdens of others. His unconscious earth was in the 15 Gate relating to an expression of love for all forms of humanity, and in the third line relating to the modest accomplishment of numerous feats and an unwavering commitment to finish what one starts.

Edgar was born with what is called a one/three (1/3) profile, signifying that at his birth the sun was in the first line (of the 25 hexagram) and the unconscious Sun was in the third line (of the 10 hexagram). In Design there are 12 Incarnation profiles, some of which are taken on more frequently than others by humans. For example, the 1/3 profile is one of the six more frequently assumed profiles. It is taken on by somebody who is having a "foundational" lifetime, in which they will qualify some profound truths for themselves during that lifetime.

It must be explained at this point that even though our sensations or memories of other lifetimes are mostly concealed from us, our soul is eternal and we have the capability of showing up as a spirit in human form many times over. In the East, where much research has been done through meditation, the evolution of the spirit through various lifetimes, past, present and future is a matter of common knowledge. In the West, for the past 600 years, the concept of multiple lifetimes has been mostly eradicated from within the scriptures and teachings of the Faith-based Christian & Islamic religions. Consequently many believers have been called on to focus their “single” lives on being particularly "good," to ensure a place in “heaven” in the “hereafter.” The concept is well-meaning, perhaps, because most people never get to experience the clear remembrance of another lifetime, but it does not embrace the reality of what we live through in the larger scheme of things across myriad lifetimes. The concept is also open to abuse when faith-based fanatics are convinced to undertake atrocities to humanity justified by “rewards” in an “eternal heaven.”

For Edgar Cayce, born into a foundational lifetime with a 1/3 profile, he has a natural attunement with the season's and cycles of the earth. Most people are aware of the Spring Equinox that happens towards the end of March, and the Fall Equinox that happens towards the end of September. Midsummer and midwinter are also marked towards the end of June and the end of December. Each of these seasonal points are common to the Incarnation theme of the Vessel of Love, which is the Incarnation in which Edgar Cayce was born. Since the beginning of time, the whole experience on earth has been linked within the highs and lows associated with the changes of season. In his lifetime, Edgar would have been associating with the deepest currents running within the whole memory in the earth's span of experiences.

Edgar Cayce's Design chart
By Design, Edgar Cayce has a triple split generator chart with two projector aspects, that is to say he has three areas of definition that are distinct and separate from each other. It is necessary for anyone born with a triple split Design to be very diligent in integrating their experiences of the world. This is the case because at any moment in time someone with a triple split definition can view their reality in three very, very different ways, from the three different areas of Design that they have defined in their chart. Of course when someone with a triple split definition does take the time and trouble to become integrated they can have one of the most profound views of this world available. They can relate to everything confronting them from at least three distinct, yet combined, points of view.

The three areas of Design that are defined within Edgar Cayce's chart are the mental area of logical solutions, the 63-4 (a projector Channel); the channel of community, the 40-37 (also a projector Channel), and the two "tantric," transformational (generator) channels, the 5-15, the channel of Universal attunement, and the 29-46, the channel of successful human experiences. Even though he had two projector Channels, we say that by Design he was a generator. Generators are guided through life by a sacral response that indicates to them whether it is right for them to interact in something, or with someone, or not. When we use the word "right" in Design terms, we are alluding towards a personal, inner response that rises in affirmation to something that is being offered to them.

In broad terms, Edgar Cayce, when integrated and clear within himself, would respond to situations confronting him through a natural attunement with Universal law ( 5-15), coupled with a wholesome, potentially successful experience ( 29-46) relating towards the needs of the community (humanity) at large (40-37) through as much as possible, logical and practical solutions (63-4).

Edgar Cayce"s unique Design features
Within Edgar Cayce's Design chart there are some particular features that are worth highlighting. For instance, he had an undefined Throat Center with a single Gate, the 23, activated by the planet Pluto both consciously and unconsciously in the fifth line of assimilation. The 23, being in the Throat Center, is the particular voice of "knowing." Pluto is the planet that in mythological terms is associated with interaction in what we have called "the underworld." What can be said for someone who has an undefined throat Center is that often, if not always, they will speak and say things for the benefit of others. Edgar Cayce would have been heard addressing issues in a very definitive way assimilating knowledge between the subconscious & unconscious (underworld) into what we know as the conscious realms.

In his sacral Center, Edgar Cayce had Neptune both unconscious in the first line, and conscious, in the second line, in the 27 Gate, the area of caring. Neptune is often associated with our core needs in how we treat our spiritual nature. The first line in the 27 underlines the fundamental quality of caring -- that of taking care of oneself first. The second line in the 27 relates to the fundamental quality, that in order to give one must have. It was essential for Edgar Cayce to work on his own terms and in his own way, and he established a ritual for himself (ritual is one of the qualities of Gate 5) that he would lie down in the middle of the day after a meal, and put himself into a trance from which he could address the concerns of people questioning him as well as relate into many diverse subjects affecting humanity.

In his defined Crown Center, Edgar Cayce had three conscious and one unconscious activations in the Gate 63. Consciously, Mercury the planet that relates to how we communicate to our environment, Venus, the planet that we associate with who and what we draw to us and relate with, and Saturn, the planet that we associate with our life lessons, self-discipline and our shadow nature, are all activating Gate 63, the Gate of critical perception. On the unconscious side, the North Node, that relates to a life passage and destiny that becomes clearer when we reach the age of 40 -- in Edgar Cayce's life in the year 1917 -- also activates Gate 63. The nodal destiny moved to the side of the brain associating with critical perception from the 64 Gate. Gate 64 was the South node phase that held the destiny of the first 40 years of life, in the side of the brain associating with diverse and unlimited possibilities. Inevitably people working with Edgar Cayce around his 40th birthday, would have perceived his work and many of his previously abstract sentiments becoming more obviously logical in content.

In his defined Self Center, Edgar Cayce had an activation through the unconscious sun, in Gate 10, in the third line, as a genetic inheritance from his father. This activation gave him the tendency to be a “martyr” for other people's causes. Also in Gate 10, he had a conscious activation from the planet Jupiter in the fifth line. The placement of Jupiter in one's Design brings a very expansive and benefic presence, and the fifth line described as "the heretic," gave him a lifelong stance of someone who would stand in opposition to the status quo. It must be remembered that in the early years of the 20th century many people who challenged the status quo were severely castigated and some were locked away in institutions. It is said of Edgar Cayce that during the course of his lifetime he read many times, and had a profound understanding of the Bible and was able to answer his critics very capably.

Anyone who has an open (no activations) Spleen Center, has the facility to be able to attune to all areas of health and wellness issues including all the issues confronting humans’ concerns for survival. Often (though not exclusively), psychics are found to have open Spleen Centers.

In Conclusion
One could look at many more aspects in Edgar Cayce's Design chart and construe the likelihood of his being someone with a deep attunement with the workings of consciousness in the Earth plane. What cannot be done at this time with a Design chart is to be able to tell how integrated and spiritually evolved a person might be........

There is no question that Edgar Cayce had great gifts available to him, but it was his self-discipline, prayerful, meditative, integrative, grateful and trusting attitude to life that gave his “Vessel of Love” the endurance and consistency to contain so much and to pour so much wisdom and relief into the lives of hundreds and thousands of people.

2004 Chetan Parkyn

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