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Most Recent Article The Venus Sequence Part IIl

Introduction to the Human Design System and how it works.
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Introduction Centers and Types Love and Loving
Sex Meditation Education
Health 1 Health 2 Health 3
Money Spirituality Decisions
Bravo, America! Sacral Response Life Purpose
Vocal Expression Mind's functions Willpower
Is Stress natural? Why worry? Emotional anxiety

Lives of the Rich and Infamous

G. W. Bush Mick Jagger Martha Stewart
Richard Gere Osho! Hillary Clinton
Sadaam Hussein "Dick" Cheney

Voices of Light

The Beatles Paramahansa Yogananda Mahatma Gandhi
Peter Sellers John Fitzgerald Kennedy Shirley McClaine
Jimmy Carter Nostradamus

Interesting and Effective People

Abraham Lincoln Edgar Cayce Buckminster Fuller
Ludwig van Beethoven Steven Spielberg Marianne Williamson
Madonna! Teresa Heinz (Kerry) Bono
Johnny Carson Dr. Martin Luther King Tiger Woods

Calendars and Themes of Ages

Changing Times The Curse of the 21st Century A New Beginning
The End of the Piscean Age America at war with Herself The Future

The Venus Sequence

The Venus Sequence Part I The Venus Sequence Part II The Venus Sequence Part IIl